Volleyball Canada


Let’s Rally Together

NOV. 26, 2020 Volleyball Canada and merchandise partner VolleyballStuff are ready to “Rally Together” for a good cause... again.

Based on a successful campaign after Volleyball Canada’s Nationals was cancelled earlier in 2020, Rally Together gear helped raise more than $25K for Food Banks Canada.

This time we’re joining forces with VolleyballStuff to feed funds back to our National Team programs.

“The concept of Rally Together is simple. It’s the coming together for a common cause and goal. We Rally Together now to provide a better future for Volleyball Canada’s next generation of athletes wearing the maple leaf"

Robin Guy — Volleyball Canada partnerships director

To compete with the best in the world, Volleyball Canada’s athletes need world-class training and competition opportunities. Rally Together has been designed to help provide these opportunities to Canada’s teams.  

“We’re committed to supporting our national programs and this is a direct way for our community to come together to assist the teams moving forward,” said Sanjiv Jasra of VolleyballStuff. “We can’t wait to see what 2021 holds for our athletes and we’re honoured to be part of that journey!”

The Rally Together campaign will include a hoodie and T-shirt. With every purchase of a Rally Together product, proceeds ($10 from each hoodie; $5 from each T-shirt) will go directly to benefit our national indoor, beach, and sitting programs.

Items go on sale to the public November 27.