Volleyball Canada


Nationals Registration Dates Revised

November 13, 2020: Volleyball Canada’s 2021 Nationals has revised its registration dates to account for delayed competition seasons due to various pandemic situations across the country.
"As it’s not a typical volleyball season, we have decided to delay Nationals registration dates to give the provincial and territorial associations and their member teams more time to plan for Nationals 2021," said Sandra de Graaff, director of domestic competitions. "We are looking forward to hosting Nationals in 2021 but recognize that planning will be challenging for most clubs."
Deadlines for both registration and hotel bookings will be moved by one month to February 2021.

To support planning efforts, VC will be releasing a participation survey later this month and ask all interested teams to complete the survey to indicate which event they plan to participate in. Please see the full list of dates and the link to the survey on our Nationals page: https://volleyball.ca/en/competitions/2021-volleyball-canada-nationals.