Volleyball Canada's Board of Directors is a policy governing board, which sets policy and hires a President & Chief Executive Officer to implement policy and the day-to-day work of the organization.
The Board is accountable to the Provincial/Territorial Volleyball Associations (Active Members).

2023/2024 Board of Directors

Board of Directors – Mandate

  • Chair: Kevin Boyles
  • National Team Athlete Director: Cam Wheelan
  • Member-at-large: Marie-Christine Rousseau
  • Member-at-large: Parrish Offer
  • Member-at-large: Joanne Mortimore
  • Member-at-large: Boris Tyzuk
  • Member-at-large: Sylvie Bigras

Standing Committee Chairs

  • Nominations & Elections Committee: Gord Peterson
  • Finance & Audit Committee: Joanne Mortimore  
  • Legal Committee: Vacant
  • Ethics Committee: Boris Tyzuk
  • External Relations Committee: Mark Eckert
  • Athletes Commission: Cam Wheelan

Sitting Volleyball Committee

  • Chair: Jason Trepanier
  • Athlete Rep: Jesse Ward
  • Athlete Rep: Katelyn Wright
  • VC Staff: Nicole Ban

High Performance Beach Sub-Committee

  • Chair: Dave Carey
  • Member: Caroline Sharp
  • VC Staff: Ed Drakich

High Performance Men's Indoor Sub-Committee

  • Chair: Julien Boucher
  • Member: Glenn Hoag
  • Athlete Rep: Steve Brinkman

High Performance Women's Indoor Sub-Committee

  • Chair: Julien Boucher
  • Athlete Rep: Tammy Mahon

National Team Athletes Representatives

  • Indoor (Male): Steve Brinkman
  • Indoor (Female): Tammy Mahon
  • Beach (Male): Cam Wheelan
  • Beach (Female): Heather Bansley
  • Sitting (Male): Jesse Ward
  • Sitting (Female): Katelyn Wright

National Referee Committee (NRC)

  • Chair: Scott Borys
  • Women in Refereeing: Irena Zamboni
  • Domestic Development (Indoor): Matt van Raalte
  • Communications: Pat Thorne
  • Domestic Development (Beach): Brian Hiebert
  • International / High Performance Program Development (Indoor): Malcolm Mousseau
  • International / High Performance Program Development (Beach): Lucie Guillemette
  • Domestic Development (Para): Marie-Claude Richer

  • National Promotions: Bohdan Ilkiw and Andrew Robb

  • VC Staff: Ryan Bunyan
  • VC Staff: Gabriel Cooper

VC Representatives

  • Sport Canada Consultant: Sue Scherer
  • Sport Canada Hosting: David Joseph
  • Own the Podium (OTP) Consultant: Jean-Philippe Lavoie
  • Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) Consultant: Marg McGregor 
  • VC CEO, Canadian Olympic Committee (COC): Mark Eckert
  • Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) Consultant: Adam Sollitt
  • Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) Representative: Leigh Goldie
  • U Sport Representative: Sheila-Ann Newton 
  • World ParaVolley (WPV) : Wayne Hellquist 

International Commissions Representatives

  • NORCECA Beach Volleyball Commission (President) / FIVB Beach Commission (Member): Ed Drakich
  • NORCECA Beach Volleyball Commission (Coordinator): Hugh Wong
  • NORCECA Development Commission (Member): James Sneddon
  • NORCECA Technical and Coaches Commission (Secretary): Julien Boucher
  • NORCECA Sport Organizing Commission (Member): Alan Ahac 
  • NORCECA Press & Mass Commission (Member): Jackie Skender
  • NORCECA Refereeing Commission (Secretary) / FIVB Rules of the Game Commission (Member): Guy Bradbury
  • NORCECA Refereeing Commission (Beach Coordinator) / FIVB Refereeing Commission (Member): André Trottier