Hall Of Fame



Each year Volleyball Canada presents awards in two divisions under specific categories. These awards have been created to recognize those individuals or teams that have made significant contributions to the sport of volleyball.


Volleyball Canada has initiated these awards and will administer them, but the onus to nominate recipients still lies in the hand of our members. It is the participation of our Provincial and Territorial associations, and our vast general membership that will allow these awards to be given to the appropriate candidates.

So we urge you to participate. We ask you to take the time to appropriately honor the people who have made a significant difference in our sport. These people are your teammates, your coaches, your officials, and your volunteers, so please join us in honoring them.

The five categories of membership in the Volleyball Canada Hall of Fame are as follows:

  • Athlete
  • Builder
  • Coach
  • Referee
  • Team

If you would like to learn more about the criteria and process for nominations, please click here.

2016 Edition

Last year’s Hall of Fame took place on Friday, June 24th in Saskatoon, SK in conjunction with World League 2016.  

Last year's inductees were:

  • Guylaine Dumont, as an athlete
  • 1978 Canadian Junior Men's Team
  • Marlene Hoffman, as a builder

2017 Edition

This year’s Hall of Fame will take place on Thursday, June 15th in Edmonton, AB in conjunction with Volleyball Canada's Convention.


For information on tickets, please click HERE or contact Lucie at lucie@volleyball.ca