List of Inductees 2005



Audrey Vandervelden started her volleyball career with the Vancouver Chimo in 1972, She was selected to the national team in 1973 for a tour to China. Moo Park was hired in 1974 to prepare the team for the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games and Audrey was placed on the permanent National Team roster. Over the next number of years Audrey became possibly the best player Canada has ever produced. She was powerful, incredibly quick for a very tall player and was equally as good at defense as she was at offense.

Over the length of her playing career, Audrey became recognized as an offensive force for Canada and would be named to a number of all world all-star teams at several international tournaments. She was also a perennial all-star at numerous national club championships while representing her club team, the Vancouver Chimos.

Audrey was invited to return to the National team program to help out the 1984 Olympic Team. Her experience and leadership were instrumental in helping this team prepare for the Games and perform at a high level.