National Excellence Program (NEP)

National Excellence Program (NEP)

National Excellence Program (NEP)

Program Overview:
The National Excellence Program (NEP) is designed to prepare athletes to perform at the highest level of our sport and to continue their development towards the National Senior Team Program and/or playing professional volleyball. It offers individual technical and tactical skill development as well as team play refinement. Athletes are exposed to an array of Sport Science and Sport medicine services, dispensed by leading Canadian practitioners in a holistic high-performance environment. NEP athletes, through training, competition, and tours are introduced to leading international volleyball programs and clubs.
Those selected to the NEP are committed to an investment in their future as an international athlete competing on the world stage.

The objectives of the NEP program are to: 
1) create a high-performance daily training environment with provincially and nationally identified 17 & 18-year-old (grade 11 & 12) athletes
2) monitor and support the WHOLE athlete through national team staff leadership
3) enhance volleyball skills to match and exceed those of other top nations
4) provide high quality education options

Approximately 14-18 nationally identified high school athletes/per centre would be committed for the duration of the program and would not participate in other club or school-based programs during the program (Sept-Dec). This program is designed for athletes who have chosen volleyball as their primary athletic pursuit. Student-athletes may be exposed to other sports during the year as a means to support their volleyball development. Athletes will return to their home school in January, and encouraged to participate in their local club to further their development and regain family/social bonds.

The program would integrate online and/or classroom learning to support excellence in academics while managing a high-performance training load. Students graduating from the program can expect to improve their opportunities to excel in a post-secondary program.

This program also aims to propel Canada beyond the current success of Olympic qualifications to Olympic podium performances.


Identification Camps

Identification Camps

National Excellence Program (NEP) Identification Camps

Commencing Fall 2020, the National Excellence Program (NEP) is an initiative to build a sustainable podium pathway for indoor women’s volleyball in Canada.  The program is designed for identified 16-18U athletes to further develop their potential in a daily training environment with integrated IST, academics and competitions for a 4 month block.

Head Coach: Shannon Winzer

The NEP ID Camps will be held across Canada from December-February with the top 16 athletes* being invited to join the NEP for September 2020. Athletes will be selected through a committee comprised of the Head Coach, National Team Coaching staff, with assistance from the provincial associations. The ID camps are high performance based and limited to facility space and coach availability. If necessary, athlete attendance may be restricted and ID Camp participants would be determined by Volleyball Canada and PTA’s recommendations. Any athlete not selected to the NEP ID Camp would receive a full refund.

ID Camp Details:

December 6: Toronto Ontario (Niagara College) - 6:30-9:30pm
Registration Deadline: November 24
Camp Fee: $40 + tax
NOTE: This camp is targeting 2003/2004 born athletes that are not able to attend Team Ontario Elite Camp

December 14: Calgary, Alberta - 12-2pm & 4-6pm
Registration Deadline: December 1
Camp Fee: $80 + tax

December 15: Edmonton, Alberta - 11-1pm & 3-5pm
Registration Deadline: December 1
Camp Fee: $80 + tax

January 18: Edmonton, Alberta - 9-11:30am & 1:30-3:30pm
Registration Deadline: January 5
Camp Fee: $80 + tax

January 19: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - 9-11am & 1-3pm
Registration Deadline: January 5
Camp Fee: $80 + tax

February 1-2: Halifax, Nova Scotia - TBD (3 Sessions)
Registration Deadline: January 19
Camp Fee: $120 + tax

January 21: Abbotsford, BC (University of Fraser Valley)
Information Session (Athletes & Parents): 6:45-7:30pm
Athlete Court Session: 7:30-10:00pm
Registration Deadline: January 12
Camp Fee: $40 + tax

January 24: Richmond, BC (Richmond Olympic Oval)
Information Session (Athletes & Parents): 6:15-7:00pm
Athlete Court Session: 7:00-9:30pm
Registration Deadline: January 12
Camp Fee: $40 + tax

January 28: Kelowna, BC (UBC-Okanagan)
Athlete Court Session: 5:00-7:30pm
Information Session (Athletes & Parents): 7:30pm
Registration Deadline: January 19
Camp Fee: $40 + tax

PLEASE NOTE: BC athletes are only expected to regsiter for ONE of the offered ID Camps

Session times are tentative for some locations. Final details will be sent out after the registration deadline. An information session will be held ½ hour prior to the first on court time listed.

Bree Fraser -

*Final athlete selection is not restricted to attendance at the NEP ID Camps

2020 Program Overview

  • Athlete Eligibility: Female athletes in grades 10-12
  • Location: Richmond Olympic Oval, Richmond, BC
  • Dates: September to December (approximately 80 training days)
  • Assistant Coaches: To be determine
  • Sport Medicine: IST Staff, including mental health and recommended practitioners will be made available.
  • Athlete Selection: Volleyball Canada will identify and invite 14-18 athletes each year. 
  • Education: Student-athletes complete online courses from their home province and are provided daily face-to-face classroom support from a certified teacher. Three hours of daily study time is integrated within the program schedule, with evenings and weekends free for additional study time.
  • Living Arrangements: Athletes, in groups of 2 or more, will reside with a locally approved family, along with a transit pass
  • Training: Sessions will vary from on-court, strength and conditioning, education, therapy and recovery.
  • Competition: Competition opportunities will be provided on weekends and occasionally on weekdays. Matches and tournaments will be held with University and College programs. Travel will be based primarily in BC and Alberta. The program may host teams from across Canada and internationally.
  • Program Fee: $6000
      • includes all training, gear, administration, education support, local travel,       and homestay expenses
      • does not include travel to and from training venue in Sept and Dec
      • does not include any educational related expenses for online registration      or out of province students
      • Each Provincial/Territorial Association (PTA) may provide a subsidy up to      $2500 per athlete.  Check with your PTA for details and/or other sources        of subsidies.