Women's National Excellence Program (NEP)

Women's National Excellence Program (NEP)

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National Excellence Program (NEP)

Program Overview

The National Excellence Program (NEP) is designed to prepare athletes to perform at the highest level of our sport and to continue their development towards the National Senior Team Program and/or playing professional volleyball. It offers individual technical and tactical skill development as well as team play refinement. Athletes are exposed to an array of Sport Science and Sport medicine services, dispensed by leading Canadian practitioners in a holistic high-performance environment. NEP athletes, through training and exhibition competition, are introduced to leading international volleyball programs and clubs.

Those selected to the NEP are committed to an investment in their future as an international athlete competing on the world stage.

For a video overview of the 2020 NEP program, click here.

Homestay Families Needed  for Fall 2022

Volleyball Canada is seeking interested families in the Richmond/South Vancouver area who would be available to provide accommodations and meal to athletes.  The athletes arrive on September 11 and finish training on December 17.  

If anyone is interested in becoming a homestay family this fall, please contact Jennah @ jparon@volleyball.ca 

Click HERE for an information package.


National Excellence Program Contact: 

Contact Information: Carolyn O’Dwyer (WNT NextGen Coach) @ codwyer@volleyball.ca



Program Details

Program Overview

The objectives of the National Excellence Program are to: 
1) create a high-performance daily training environment with provincially and nationally identified Grade 10-12 athletes
2) monitor and support the WHOLE athlete through national team staff leadership
3) enhance volleyball skills to match and exceed those of other top nations
4) provide a balance between academic and training demands


Program Details

  • Athlete Eligibility: Female athletes in Grades 10-12
  • Location: Richmond Olympic Oval, Richmond, BC
  • Dates: September to December (approximately 80 training days)
  • Sport Medicine: IST Staff, including mental health and recommended practitioners will be made available
  • Athlete Selection: Volleyball Canada will identify and invite 16-20 athletes
    Education: Student-athletes complete online courses from their home province and are provided daily face-to-face classroom support from a certified teacher. Three hours of daily study time is integrated within the program schedule, with evenings and weekends free for additional study time.
  • Living Arrangements: Athletes will reside with a locally approved homestay family
  • Training: Sessions will vary from on-court, strength and conditioning, education, therapy and recovery
  • Competition: Travel and competition opportunities with local University and College programs.
  • Approximate Program Fee: $6000-$7000 + tax (will be confirmed prior to selections)
    • includes all training, gear, administration, education support, local travel, and homestay expenses
    • does not include travel to and from training venue in Sept and Dec
    • does not include any educational related expenses for online registration or out of province students
    • Check with your PTA for details and/or other sources of subsidies

Additional Information

Nationally identified athletes would be committed for the duration of the program and would not participate in other club or school-based programs during the program (Sept-Dec). This program is designed for athletes who have chosen volleyball as their primary athletic pursuit. Student-athletes may be exposed to other sports during the year as a means to support their volleyball development. Athletes will return to their home school in January and are encouraged to participate in their local club to further their development and regain family/social bonds.

The program would integrate online and/or classroom learning to support excellence in academics while managing a high-performance training load. Students graduating from the program can expect to improve their opportunities to excel in a post-secondary program.

This program also aims to propel Canada beyond the current success of Olympic qualifications to Olympic podium performances.

2022 Roster

Congratulations to the following athletes who have been selected to the 2022 National Excellence Program:

Maëli Cormier, Quebec
Mary Healy, California
Erika Bang, Alberta
Anya Fehr, Alberta
Lydia Johnson, Alberta
Taylor De Boer, British Columbia
Calinda Kok, Ontario
Lauren Perugini, Ontario
Ronnie Dickson, Ontario
Kaiya Tyson, Ontario
Olivia Edlund, Alberta
Logan King, Ontario
Isabella Stothart, Alberta
Delaney Watson, Ontario
Esther Lim, British Columbia
Naomie Sinclair, Quebec
Tianna Kehler, British Columbia
Sophia Magus, Saskatchewan
Mischa Hameed, Alberta

2023 Identification Information

2023 Identification Process

Information for the 2023 ID Process will be posted in late October 2022.

2021 Roster

Congratulations to the following athletes on their selection to the 2021 NEP:

Jessica Andrews (ON), Middle
Evvia Belireau (AB), Libero
Maryn Boldon (AB), Outside
Olivia Boulding (BC), Outside
Taylor de Boer (BC), Outside
Ava Ebert (ON), Middle/Outside
Tara Garvey (ON), Outside
Kylee Glanville (AB), Outside
Jaime Hewlett (BC), Libero
Lauryn Hovey (ON), Opposite
Lydia Johnson (AB), Opposite
Payton Lightfoot (ON), Middle
Sophia Magus (SK), Setter
Brooke Malek (AB), Libero
Mackenzie Pool (BC), Outside
Naomie Sinclair (QC), Middle
Isabella Tehrani (ON), Middle
Kaiya Tyson (ON), Setter
Viktoria Wahlgren (ON), Setter

2020 Roster

2020 National Excellence Program Roster

Congratulations to the following athletes on their selection to the National Excellence Program:

Brooke Malek, AB (Libero)
Chloe Ladd, BC (Libero)
Viktoria Wahlgren, ON (Setter)
Bella Noble, NS (Setter)
Lucy Borowski, BC (Setter)
Mackenzie Pool, BC (Outside)
Maryn Boldon, AB (Outside)
Mady Saris, ON (Outside)
Emoni Bush, BC (Outside)
Tara Garvey, ON (Outside)
Olivia Boulding, BC (Outside)
Jada Hamer, AB (Outside)
Shynelle Woroniuk, AB (Outside)
Jenna Pollock, ON (Middle)
Elyse Allard, SK (Middle)
Payton Lightfoot, ON (Middle)
Grace Melnick, ON (Middle)


2020 National Excellence Program Staff

Shannon Winzer, Head Coach
Nicole Ban, Assistant Coach
Cody Piwowar-Desilets, Assistant Coach & Strength and Conditioning Coach
Mischa Partridge, Athletic Therapist
Dr. Sara Forsyth, Team Physician
Dr. Anne Muscat, Psychologist and Mental Performance Coach
Ashlen Leonard, Sport Dietitian
Beathen Thomas, Educational Support
Dawna Sales, Program Manager
Bree Fraser, Program Coordinator