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16 - 25 Aug


Ashbridge's Bay & Spanish Banks East

Toronto/Ontario , Vancouver/British Columbia

2024 Beach Nationals









2024 Beach Nationals

Volleyball Canada's Beach National Championships are the premier domestic events for the Canadian beach volleyball community. Athletes from across the country will compete for bragging rights and the title of National Champion.

VC is excited to announce that in 2024, the tournaments will be returning to Ashbridges Bay, Toronto and Spanish Banks East, Vancouver. 

The Toronto event hosted August 16th - 18th will feature all youth age groups from 14U - 18U as well as the Senior event. Vancouver will follow one weekend later, August 23rd - 25th for 14U - 16U.

Awards will be handed out to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams in all age categories with the senior event offering an additional prize purse of $25,000.


Registration Dates & Links

Beach_2024_registration_dates.png (24 KB)

Registration Link

Click here to register for 2024 Beach Nationals.

Please be aware, that registration caps have been implemented this year to help manage draw sizes and prevent schedule imbalances. Should an age group reach capacity, teams are strongly encouraged to join the waitlist as we anticipate significant expansion before the registration deadline. 

*TIP: Review the Competition Top Sizing Guides (Women/Men) before registering to ensure you select your preferred style and size.

Registration Information

All team registrations for Beach Nationals are done on the Volleyball Registration System (VRS). For assistance with registering a team, please consult the Beach Nationals Registration Guide. 

Beach Nationals Registration Guide


For all Beach Nationals registration questions, please contact nationals@volleyball.ca.

Registration Fees

Youth Registration Fees

Beach_2024_registration_fees_YOUTH.png (7 KB)

Senior Registration Fees

Registration_Fees.png (6 KB)


Senior Prize Breakdown (per gender)

1st - $6,000

2nd - $3,000

3rd - $1,500

4th - $1,000

5th - $250


Late Entries

Late entries, received after the registration deadline, are subject to a $50 late registration fee (per team). Volleyball Canada reserves the right to accept teams after the deadline if it benefits the tournament draws and/or refuse late entry to teams if it is to the detriment of the tournament draw.

Age Groups/Playing Up

Age Categories

Beach Nationals features five (5) age categories for youth from 14U – 18U, plus the open Senior category. Athletes should register in the age category they will be competing in at their Provincial Championships.

Registration for teams playing up (underage teams)

There are no restrictions on teams or athletes playing up an age group at Beach Nationals. However, athletes/teams who choose to play up one age-category at Beach Nationals, and do not have a ranking from a PTA Championship for that age category, will receive point values of 75% for their declared age class results. Athletes playing up more than one age-category will receive 0 points.

Please refer to the Youth Seeding Guidelines for full details.

Person(s) in Authority (PIA)

Volleyball Canada’s Person(s) In Authority (PIA) Requirements are to ensure that all PIA travelling with a team to Beach Nationals have the knowledge necessary to provide every athlete with a safe, inclusive, and responsible sport experience.

Person(s) in Authority (PIA): This is the individual/parent responsible for the on-site management of the team at Beach Nationals. All 14U-18U teams are required to indicate a PIA during the registration process.

This individual must be a registered member of VC and be certified in accordance with VC’s Safe Sport requirements below.

Mandatory Requirements for Person(s) in Authority (PIA)

Coaches Association of Canada (CAC) Safe Sport Training Free  Credit will also be given for equivalent programs recognized by Sport Canada, ie Respect in Sport, Activity Leader.
Volleyball Canada Screening Discloser or Canada Record Check (CRC) Free/Cost Varies One of either the VC Screening Disclosure Form or a CPC completed within the last 3 years


Making Changes to Team Personnel

Team personnel can be updated directly within your Sportlomo account. Please refer to the Registration Guide for detailed steps to update your team staff after registration.


A player/team must purchase their annual membership(s) within the province/territory in which they reside. No player/team is allowed to register with another Provincial/Territorial Association (PTA) outside their province of residence without the prior approval of VC and the two (2) PTAs involved. In addition, no player/team is permitted to register with more than one PTA at the same time; players who wish to change PTAs mid-season must receive approval from VC and the PTAs involved.

Participating at Nationals with an athlete from another PTA: If two athletes, from different PTAs, wish to register as a team together at Beach Nationals the process is as follows:

  • 1. Submit Request to Play: Players must complete an online request to play as a team to VC. Volleyball Canada will then follow up with the two (2) PTAs involved for approval. Team contacts will receive an email within 5-7 business days, with the results of their request.
  • 2. Register for Beach Nationals: Once approval has been received from VC, teams may register for Beach Nationals.
  • Note: Teams may register for Beach Nationals, prior to receiving final approval from Volleyball Canada. However, any teams who are denied, or fail to submit their request to VC, before the submission deadline, will be removed from the draw and their refund will be subject to an administration fee.
  • Deadline to Submit: July 30th, 2024

Roster/Partner Changes:  Teams can make changes to their roster directly within their Sportlomo account. Roster amendments will be allowed until the registration deadline for the event. After this date, changes must be sent via email to nationals@volleyball.ca and will only be accepted under extraordinary circumstances.


Participation Eligibility

All teams (including each individual on the official roster) must meet the following minimum criteria in order to be eligible to attend Beach Nationals:

  • Be a registered member, and in good standing, with their respective PTA and with VC.
  • Any foreign team looking to participate in an event must be registered and in good standing with their own National Federation.
  • Participate in a Provincial/Territorial Championship (unless an exemption has been applied for and approved). 
  • Meet all additional registration requirements of their PTA and VC.

Minimum Age

All athletes, coaches and team personnel members that are on the official roster for Beach Nationals must be a minimum of 11 years of age.

Provincial Championships

All athletes wishing to participate in Beach Nationals are required to participate in their respective Provincial and Territorial Association (PTA) Championship. Exemptions may be granted in the following cases:

If the team members are participating in a VC sanctioned event or program, which include:

  • a. NORCECA or FIVB circuit
  • b. Canada Cup
  • c. Provincial Team programs
  • d. Canada Games
  • e. Member of the National Team
  • f. Extenuating circumstances, which will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Any athlete wishing to request an exemption is required to submit an Exemption Form with their request by Tuesday, July 30.


Teams wishing to withdraw from Beach Nationals can submit the request using the Withdrawal Request Form.

Teams who withdraw from Beach Nationals will be eligible for a refund as per the following timelines:

Beach_Withdrawl_Chart-01.png (30 KB)

Team Competition Tops

All teams registered for Beach Nationals will receive a competition top that must be worn for all matches. Sizing and style requests can be made during the registration process.

  • Women: players will be able to choose between a bra top or tank top.
  • Men: players will receive a tank top.

It is strongly recommended, that team bottoms are of similar colour and style.

Other Uniform Options:  Additional Left on Friday and Jumplete competition tops will be available for purchase on-site. Any approved competition tops that were purchased on-site can be worn during matches. If athletes are wearing uniforms that do not meet these requirements, they will be asked to change into their VC provided clothing.

Sizing Information:

Women's Competition Top Guide

Men's Competition Top Guide



Coach Requirements

All coaches participating in Volleyball Canada’s Beach National Championships are required to meet a minimum level of training and certification to ensure that every athlete is provided with a safe, inclusive, and responsible sport experience.

Guiding Principles

All athletes have the right to an NCCP Certified coach

All coaches have the responsibility to:

  • Have the required training to provide an environment that is physically, mentally, emotionally and socially safe for all athletes and participants.
  • Have the required training to be able to provide a responsible learning environment that incorporates VC’s teaching methodologies, technical guidelines and long-term athlete development principles.
  • Ensure that all training is current and updated as required, to be able to provide a safe and responsible sport experience for all.


A full breakdown of the Beach Coach Eligibility Requirements, including deadlines, can be found here.

If you have questions regarding the Coach Eligibility Requirements for Beach Nationals, please contact your respective Provincial/Territorial Association or email coaching@volleyball.ca.




Coach Check-In

Any coach on an official team roster, who wishes to coach at Beach Nationals, must check in at the main control tent before their team’s first match.

Coaches will be required to perform the following duties at check-in:

  • Show identification that matches the details on the official team roster
  • Provide written acknowledgement that they have read and understand the following:
    • VC Beach Nationals Competition Guide
    • FIVB Rule Book
    • VC Code of Conduct
    • VC Concussion Guidelines
    • Safe Sport training requirements
  • Collect a badge to identify them as a coach during the tournament day.
    • The badge must be visible for all matches they are coaching.

Tournament Schedules & Seeding


Beach Nationals are held as three (3) day events. Day 1 is Pool Play, Day 2 is Power Pools and Day 3 is Playoffs. Teams will play all three days of the event with a minimum of one (1) match on the playoff day.

During the first 2 days, teams play all other teams within their pools. After the first day of competition is complete, teams are “re-pooled” for day 2 of the competition in order to group teams of similar calibre together. Day 3 playoffs consist of teams playing in a single-elimination playoff bracket. 

The last matches of Day 3 are typically scheduled no later than 3 PM. 



New for 2024 The seeding for all age/gender categories at Beach Nationals will be based on a point system.  VC will collect two data points: an individual’s Provincial Championship Seeding and Provincial Championship result.
Please see the 2024 Youth Beach Nationals Seeding document for full details regarding the seeding rules for each age category.

Please note that seeding can only be completed once all Provincial Championships have been completed.  VC aims to distribute draft seeding one week before the event or within 48 hours of the last provincial championship.

Volleyball Canada reserves the right to adjust the seeding to offer the best competition experience to participating teams.




For both men and women, the competition format will consist of two stages: preliminary round(s) and single elimination playoffs.

In the preliminary round(s), teams will be divided into pools and will follow a round-robin format. All teams will then advance to a single elimination round.

VC has developed a set of principles for governing how the draws will be structured.

·        All matches are best-of-three.

·        Maximum of three matches per day.

·        Maximum of one back-to-back match per day.



The following method of calculation is used to determine the seeding at Senior Beach Nationals.

  • Individual Athlete Ranking Points are assigned for each registered athlete's top eight (8) results, using the Senior Points System.
  • Team Ranking Points will then be calculated using the following formula:
    (Athlete 1 Ranking Points + Athlete 2 Ranking Points) / 2 = Team Ranking Points
  • VC will then rank and seed in order of highest Team Ranking Points to lowest Team Ranking Points.

To view the Senior Seeding Policy, click here.


Submission Process: Athletes will be required to submit their top eight (8) results to VC for ranking. Details on the submission process will be included the registration confirmation email.

To review the list of points accruing events, please refer to the Senior Domestic Calendar.

                   2024 Senior Domestic Calendar




Toronto - Ashbridges Bay

Ashbridges Bay is located in a beautiful area on the waterfront in the east end of Toronto, Ontario. The bay is connected to Woodbine Beach, one of the city’s most popular summer destination with restaurants and parks.  Ashbridges Bay is home to over 103 volleyball courts and has been the host for previous National Championships, International Championships, and recreational tournaments and weekend events.


Ashbridges Bay, Toronto, ON 


1561 Lake Shore Blvd E, Toronto, ON M4L 3W6 

Court Map

Court maps will be posted in August.

Vancouver - Spanish Banks East


4875 NW Marine Dr, Vancouver, BC V6T 1A1

Court Map

Court maps will be posted in August.



Special Offers available for Beach Nationals teams:

Residence and Conference Centre - Downtown Toronto

Book Direct

Please use the code "VB2024" for % off the daily rate.


Don Valley Hotel - North York

Book Direct

Please use the code "SMERF" for 10% off the best available rate. Online bookings only.

Additional properties will be added as they are confirmed.



Special Offers available for Beach Nationals teams:


Best Western - 1755 Davie Street

Use the following link for a discounted rate. This link is valid until July 22nd.

  • Rates: $349 Thursday and Sunday, $359 Friday and Saturday (Double occupancy, additional person is $10 per night)
  • Parking Included (Regularly $23.50 per night)

Book Direct


Holiday Inn Vancouver Centre

Use the following code for a discounted rate. 

  • Code: VBH
  • Can be used online or for phone/email reservations (info@hivancouver.com or +1 604-879-0511

Book Direct


Additional properties will be added as they are confirmed.

Equipment Rental Program

Equipment Catalogue & Rental Form

Volleyball Canada offers an equipment rental service for teams attending Nationals in Toronto. We recognize that travelling/ flying with beach equipment can be difficult so we have a limited supply of beach items to make your Nationals experience a little more comfortable.

See the Equipment Rental Catalogue for equipment and pricing Details. 

Please note that supplies are limited and equipment will be distributed on a first come first-serve basis.  

A $100 deposit fee will be required to rent equipment. The deposit will be refunded upon the return of all items.

If you are interested in renting beach equipment, please fill out Beach Equipment Rental Form and a VC staff member will get back to you.



All Beach Nationals will distribute the following awards:

  • Medals
    • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place medals for all tiers
    • Club Champion Banner (Toronto only)
  • Senior events will also offer an additional prize purse of $25,000.
    • 1st - $6,000
    • 2nd - $3,000
    • 3rd - $1,500
    • 4th - $1,000
    • T-5th - $250 x 4

18U Provincial Champion Travel Grant


The Volleyball Canada 18U Travel Subsidy program provides $500 travel grants to teams that excel at U18 Provincial Championships. Grants are provided to help teams cover travel expenses to Beach Nationals in Toronto. The program aims to reduce the financial burden of travel, ensuring that top-performing teams can compete at the national level without being held back by costs. By rewarding success at the provincial level, the program hopes to encourage high-level competition and expand opportunities for young athletes nationwide.

Grant Details & Eligibility:

Volleyball Canada will provide $500 per team ($250 per player) to the 18U female and male provincial champions from each province/territory.  If the Provincial Champions from a PTA choose not to attend, the grant would be extended to the Silver medalists, or the Bronze medalists, if needed. If a PTA does not hold a championship, their highest finishing male/female team from another PTA championship will be awarded the grant, at the discretion of their PTA.

Furthermore, each provincial champion will be invited to the Beach National’s Provincial Champions Clinic on Thursday, August 15th, 2024. The Provincial Champions Clinic is a special one-hour training session hosted by Volleyball Canada’s National Team staff for the provincial champions in each age-category.


  • 18U female and male provincial champions from each PTA*
    • If Champions are not attending Beach Nationals, VC will extend the grant first to the silver medalists then to the bronze medalists. The travel grant will not be offered past the bronze medallists.
  • Must register and participate at 2024 Beach Nationals in Toronto

*Ontario medalists must be located 150km or more from the venue to be eligible for travel support.


Volleyball Canada will use the Ranking Sheets submitted by each PTA for tournament seeding, to determine if there are eligible teams registered. These teams will be contacted directly by Volleyball Canada and funds will be dispersed post-event to each athlete.

Sponsorship & Vendors

Sponsorship Opportunities

Nationals provides an excellent opportunity for companies to showcase products and connect with participants. In addition, our social media and community reach provides partners with the opportunity to engage with an even wider membership.

Instagram: 71.3K followers
Facebook: 168K followers
Twitter: 52.2K followers
YouTube: 14.6K subscribers
VC Nationals Newsletter: 4.9K subscribers

Are you interested in what sponsorship options are available during the 2024 Nationals? Please contact Colin Young at colin@sportbrand.ca or 403-764-3955 for more information and to discuss your marketing ideas.


Interested in becoming a vendor at Beach Nationals?

Volleyball Canada welcomes companies and organizations of all types who would like to connect with our participants through interactive displays, contests, as well as general information.


For more information, please contact nationals@volleyball.ca.

Safe Sport

Safe Sport

VC is committed to a sport environment free from abuse that is safe for all participants. For more information, our policies, and resources, please click here.

Safe Sport Reporting

Volleyball Canada has zero tolerance for any type of abuse. Individuals are required to report abuse or suspected abuse. If you are the victim of abuse, harassment, or discrimination, or you’ve witnessed such an incident within our sport, you are encouraged to contact the Abuse-Free Sport Helpline by phone or text at 1-888-83SPORT (77678), or by email to info@abuse-free-sport.ca, 12 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When the incidents recounted appear admissible, operators can assist you in filing a report through a confidential online platform, if desired.

To see the complaints process, click here.

Abuse-Free-Sport_Helpline_300x250ENG.jpg (60 KB)

More Information

Rules & Policies

For Beach Nationals rules and policies please follow the links below.

Volleyball Canada Beach Rules

Volleyball Canda Beach Policies

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Social Media

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Twitter: @VCNationals #VCBeachNats
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Historic Results

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Join our Event Crew!

Join our Event Crew!

Do you want to be a part of the action? VC is looking for Event Crew applicants for Beach Nationals in Toronto! The Event Crew is a crucial part of VC’s tournaments, assisting with matches, activations and promotions, awards/ceremonies, and so much more!

If you’re interested in being part of this exciting event, would like to see the available positions, or are looking for more information, please see our Recruitment Form.

Activations & Other Events

JAM Rec Beach Tournament (4v4 & 6v6)

VC is proud to partner with JAM Sports to host a one-day 4x4 and 6v6 recreational tournament on August 17th alongside the Youth & Senior Beach Nationals at Ashbridges Bay. 

Please visit Jam Sports web pages using the links below for full details.

4s tournament - Learn More

6s tournament - Learn More