Men's Volleyball Centre

Men's Volleyball Centre

The men’s national indoor training centre is based at the Centre Sportif in Gatineau, Québec.


Launched at this location in 2009, the National Excellence Program (formerly called Full-Time Training Center or FTC) focuses on preparing athletes for international-level training and competition. 

Senior team athletes who are playing professionally in international leagues join the full-time training group in late spring for team tryouts before the summer of national team competitions.

The Centre Sportif gymnasium features a centre court and can accommodate up to three volleyball courts at once. The floor is made of Taraflex material and the ceiling clearance is 9.5 metres.

The facility can house up to 1000 fans - 500 in permanent seats and 500 in movable stands - allowing Canada to host exhibition matches and NORCECA age-class events at this location.

The men’s national team office is located within the building, as well as its treatment centre.

Volleyball Canada is proud that the men’s team finished fifth at the 2016 Olympic Games and is working toward building a team for the next Olympics in Tokyo 2020.  The program head coach (beginning in May 2017) is Stephane Antiga.


For more information, please contact Frank Boyer, men’s indoor team manager.


National Excellence Program (NEP) Athletes

The NEP (formerly the FTC) prepares athletes to perform at the highest level of our sport and to continue their development towards the National Senior Team Program and/or playing professional volleyball. It offers individual technical and tactical skill development as well as team play refinement. Athletes are exposed to an array of Sport Science and Sport medicine services, dispensed by leading Canadian practitioners in a holistic high performance environment. NEP athletes, through training, competition, and tours are introduced to leading international volleyball programs and clubs.

There are currently 13 athletes in the FTC for the 2017-2018 season, coached by Dan Lewis:


  • Ben Hooker (Winnipeg, MB)

  • Caleb Konrad (Langley, BC)


  • Josh Edwards (Kingston, ON)
  • Gerard Murray (Winnipeg, MB)

  • Alex Swiatlowski (Victoria, BC)


  • Bruno Lortie (Cumberland, ON)

  • Eric Girard (Ottawa, ON) 

  • Trevor McLaughlin (Kitchener, ON )

  • Gavin Taylor (Brampton, ON)


  • James Jackson (London, ON) 

  • Jayson McCarthy (Oshawa, ON)


  • Andre Foreman (London, ON)

  • Jeremy Davies (Calgary, AB)