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Beach Brief: Two silvers for Canada

June 17, 2024: Canada reached the NORCECA beach podium again this past weekend.

In a tight contest for the women’s title, Molly Shaw and Chloe Loreen of the United States won in the tie-break 2-1 (21-13, 17-21, 18-16) over Canada’s Marie-Alex Bélanger and Lea Monkhouse to claim the gold medal at the fourth stop of the NORCECA Beach Volleyball Tour in Managua, Nicaragua.

Canada takes silver and Canadian teammates Myriam Robitaille/Darby Dunn finished sixth overall.

It was also a silver medal for Canada on the men’s side: Timothy Brewster and Kyle Friend (USA) claimed the gold defeating Rouzbeh Rahnavard and Tynan Gannett of Canada 2-0 (21-19, 22-20) in the final. 

More info: www.norceca.net

Final positions (women)
1.- Shaw/ Loreen USA; 2.-Bélanger/Monkhouse CAN; 3.- Reinking/Friesen USA; 4.- Lopez/Lolette NCA; 5.- Orellana A/Alvarado GUA; 6.- Robitaille/Dunn CAN; 7. Quesada/Ramírez CRC; 8.- Alvarado/Resau NCA; 9.- Valeska/Silva NCA; 10.- Molina/Aguilar CRC; 11.- Zuñiga/Aguilar GUA; 12.- Hands/Hamilton BER; 13.- Núñez/Quesada CRC; 14.- Penner/Valenciana ISV; 15.- McCoombs/H. Thompson CAY; 16.- Funes/Guzman ESA

Final Positions (men)
1.- Brewster/Friend (USA); 2.- Rahnavard/Gannett (CAN); 3.- Perez/Ierna (USA); 4. Mora/Lopez (NCA); 5.- D. Dyner/Araya (CRC); 6.- Maldonado/Garcia (GUA); 7.- Rivera/Torres (PUR); 8. Ratter/Lomeli (ISV); 9.- Lopez/Meneses; 10.- Zendai/Clerique (SKN); 11.- Pepe/Vargas (ESA); 12.- Darnell/Rio (LCA); 13.- Jesario/Watson (CAY); 14.- Reyes/Serrano (HON); 15; Cooke/Somerville (BER).

Upcoming on the beach calendar: the Norceca Olympic Qualification Tournament Finals, June 19 to 24 in Mexico. Watch for more news coming soon as Canadian teams attempt to secure additional berths to Paris 2024. 

Photo & info: NORCECA

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