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Volleyball Canada’s 2022 Beach Teams

The following athletes have been selected to the Senior and NextGen beach volleyball teams for 2022.

Additional athletes will be named after the 2022 Volleyball Canada Summer National Team Carding Selection Camp, which will be held May 13 to 15, 2022 in Toronto.


Senior Team:

• Sarah Pavan

• Melissa Humana-Paredes

Brandie Wilkerson

• Heather Bansley


Note: Currently there are no men’s teams that meet the senior carding criteria.


The 2022 NextGen Beach Volleyball National Team:


•             Sam Schachter (Ontario)

•             Dan Dearing (Ontario)

•             Alex Russell (BC)

•             Jake MacNeil (Ontario)

•             Ivan Reka (Quebec)

•             Liam Kopp (Ontario)

•             Craig Ireland (Ontario)

•             Mikael Dagenais (Quebec)



•             Sophie Bukovec (Ontario)

•             Alina Dormann (Ontario)

•             Anna Licht (Ontario)

•             Amanda Harnett (Ontario)

•             Anna Dunn-Suen (Nova Scotia)

•             Maud Chapleau (Quebec)

•             Anna Feore (Ontario)

•             Shanice Marcelle (BC)


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