Volleyball Canada Combine

Volleyball Canada Combine

The newly launched Volleyball Canada (VC) Combine, presented by PUSH, provides a high-performance testing experience for volleyball athletes in Canada. This new event offers an opportunity for athletes across the country to complete the same tests that our National Team athletes complete.

The VC Combine will provide athletes with a chance to see how they compare to their peers and to those at the national team level. In addition to providing athletes with performance statistics, a Canadian database will be established to monitor and track the evolution of athletes throughout their volleyball careers.

Upcoming VC Combines

Registration Information

Registration Information

All registrations for the VC Combine are done on the Volleyball Registration System (VRS). Exact dates on registrations will be released as Combine dates and locations are confirmed on the Camps & Clinics page.


The VC Combine is open to athletes from 16-18 years old. When space permits, this may be opened to 14-15 years olds at the discretion of VC. However, please note that lower age groups (14U and 15U) will play at a 16U net height.

In order to be eligible to participate in a VC Combine, athletes must, at a minimum, be registered as a Recreational player with their respective PTA and with VC.

Refund Policy

Athletes who wish to withdraw from the VC Combine will be eligible for a refund as per the following timelines:

Combine_Refund_Policy_Chart_EN.png (17 KB)

*Please note: if VC Combines are cancelled due to government health and safety regulations, a full refund will be processed.

Get to Know the VC Combine

Benefits of the VC Combine

The benefits of the VC Combine are:

  • Athletes will receive a detailed summary of their results
  • Provides athletes valuable data on physical strengths and areas of improvement 
  • Their results can be used to support training development 
  • The National Database will allow athletes to track their progress over their careers 
  • The National Database provides the ability to easily share results and data with potential recruiters 
  • Data from the VC Combine will be used as a recruiting tool for the National Excellence Program 

Tests Involved

The VC Combine consists of 11 measurements and tests that will be used to determine an athlete’s progression in relation to their peers.

  • Height: A measurement of the athlete’s height with shoes off.
  • Wingspan: A measurement of the athlete’s middle finger to middle finger with arms spread wide.
  • One-Hand Reach: A measurement of the athlete’s vertical reach with one hand, measured by the middle fingers.
  • Two-Hand Reach: A measurement of the athlete’s vertical reach with two hands, measured by the middle fingers.
  • Counter-Movement Jump: The athlete’s jump height from a standing position.
  • 10/5 RSI: While holding their hips, the athlete will complete 10 jumps from standing position.
  • Block Touch PUSH Band: With their hands in front of their chest, the athlete will mimic blocking a volleyball while trying to reach maximum height.
  • Spike Touch: A measurement of the maximum spike height of an athlete with a full spike approach.
  • Pro Agility: An agility test at maximum speed and directional changes.
  • Serve Velocity: A measurement of an athlete’s serve velocity from the baseline.
  • Attack Velocity: A measurement of an athlete’s spike velocity.

For a more in-depth explanation of the tests involved in the VC Combine, VC has put together this information sheet.

Results & Kinduct


Kinduct is VC’s athlete management system provider and currently tracks the data for all National Team athletes. In partnership with Kinduct, VC has designed a custom platform for the collection and reporting of all VC Combine data. The platform will allow athletes to receive reports after the testing and track their progression throughout their volleyball career.

More information on the database will be released at a later date.

Kinduct Mobile App guide



The VC Combine provides an excellent opportunity for companies to showcase products and connect with participants. The Combine will host athletes and coaches from across the country and will provide sponsors with the opportunity to engage with an even wider membership scope.

Are you interested in what sponsorship options are available for the VC Combine? Please contact VC at combine@volleyball.ca for more information and to discuss your marketing ideas.


The VC Combine is proudly presented by PUSH, a Toronto-based sports technology company that helps coaches plan, track, assess, and improve athlete performance off the court.

The PUSH system utilizes the science of velocity-based training (VBT) and consists of a PUSH Band (wearable accelerometer), Portal, a training management system that coaches use to plan full workout programs and the App that provides athletes with access to programs in the weight room or remotely. The PUSH band will be a main testing component of the VC Combine.

PUSH supports coaches and athletes across many sports and levels including Professional, national team, amateur, weekend warrior, military and physio/recovery. Their technology has been utilized by the men’s and women’s beach volleyball teams for over three years and they have been thrilled with the results.

Visit trainwithpush.com to find out more.

More Information

Rules & Policies

For rules and policies please follow this link that will take you directly to Volleyball's Canada policy page, where the General Policies and Concussion Documents will apply to the VC Combine.

Safe Sport

VC is committed to a sport environment free from abuse that is safe for all participants. For more information, our policies, and resources, please click here.

Safe Sport Reporting

VC has zero tolerance for any type of abuse. Individuals are required to report abuse or suspected abuse to VC or to a Provincial/Territorial Association so that those matters can be addressed in an expeditious manner.

For more information, please see the Safe Sport Complaint Process Overview.  Reports can be made to VC’s Independent third-party Safe Sport Officer at lise@wiserworkplaces.ca or (519) 900-6813, or by contacting the Canadian Sport Helpline:

Safe_Sport-_EN.jpg (71 KB)


VC is requiring that all individuals involved with the sport across the country take the new safe sport training module, available via the Coaching Association of Canada website.
As of April 1, 2020, anyone associated with a Sport Canada-funded organization must be trained on conduct to prevent and address maltreatment. This includes coaches, referees, parents of youth athletes, high-performance staff and contractors, officials; and all administrative staff and volunteers whether they may have direct contact with athletes or not. 

Through the adoption of VC’s Pan Canadian Safe Sport policies, all Provincial/Territorial Association registered coaches, referees, staff/contract members and volunteers, are required to take approved Safe Sport Training. VC also currently mandates training for parents of Youth National Team Program athletes, however, PTA’s currently implement safe sport training requirements for parents of youth athletes in their province and it is not currently included in the Volleyball Registration System and is not a requirement for registration for National Championships.

The safe sport module is a free, 90-minute eLearning module that gives all participants the tools to recognize, address, and prevent maltreatment in sport. The module aligns with the principles of the Universal Code of Conduct to Prevent and Address Maltreatment in Sport and meets Sport Canada requirements for Safe Sport education.
Visit the safe sport training site for more info: https://safesport.coach.ca/

Background Screening

All coaches, staff members, volunteers, referees, team staff members and Integrated Support Team (IST) members involved in VC domestic competitions are required to have completed a criminal record/police check issued within 36 months of the activity being attended.  These requirements apply to all disciplines.

To provide further clarification, we have compiled the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

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