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National Referee Committee

National Referee Committee

The National Referee Committee (NRC) has been created to foster the growth and development of Volleyball Referees in Canada by providing leadership and direction.

NRC main contacts

Main contacts

National Referee's Executive Committee

All disciplines

Beach volleyball

Indoor Volleyball

Sitting Volleyball


Regional Referees Chairpersons

Newfoundland and Labrador

Cindy Collins
(709) 689-8854 - c

Nova Scotia

Claude Daniel
(902) 209-1616

Prince Edward Island

Joe Ryan
(902) 894-3633 - h

New Brunswick

Pat Thorne
(506) 325-4700 – w
(506) 575-4348 – c


Marc Trudel
(514) 795-1717 - c


Andrew Robb
(905) 642-0088 - h
(416) 402-7454 - c


Azad Hosein
(204) 255-5215 - h
(204) 782-8110 - c


Lori Banga
(306) 745-7811 - c


Jim Merrick
(403) 993-9678 - c
(403) 695-4342 - h

British Columbia

Jannik Eikenaar
(250) 317-7071


Ron Bramadat
(867) 332-5870

Northwest Territories

Terrel Hobbs
(867) 920-2712 - h
(867) 445-1915 - c



Referee Policy and Procedures Manual

The Volleyball Canada Referee Committee Policy and Procedures Manual is designed to be a guide for all Volleyball Canada Referees.

It is to be used as a reference document for the Volleyball Canada Referee Committee Chair (referred to as the NOC), the Referee Committee Executive, the Regional Referee Chairpersons (ROC's), Volleyball Canada, and all Canadian Volleyball Referees.

The Policy and Procedures Manual contains information about the Referee Committee such as its mandate, structure, programs, certification, promotion, the Code of Ethics, administration, and Guidelines for Referees regarding the rules of play.