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Jumplete to Outfit Canada’s Men’s Beach Volleyball Teams

May 16, 2023: Jumplete, a Canadian company that specializes in premium athletic apparel and knee braces, is now the apparel sponsor of Canada’s Men’s Beach Volleyball teams as well as the official knee/ankle brace of Volleyball Canada.
"Jumplete is absolutely thrilled to become a sponsor of Canada’s men’s beach volleyball program. As a team of former university athletes and coaches, we're passionate about providing high-performance gear for athletes at all levels, from youth players to our national teams. With the right support, Canada’s incredible athletes can continue to excel and make us proud on the world stage," said Evan Gagliardi, Founder, Jumplete Inc.
Jumplete has created unique designs for the men that are being launched in June, and will be worn by the teams at the 2023 World Beach Championships and the 2023 Pan Am Games. The beach apparel will be available for sale in late May at jumplete.ca.
“We’re constantly striving to improve our products, and collaborating with Volleyball Canada will undoubtedly set a new standard. We can't wait to see our men’s national beach teams, our fellow 'Jumpletes,' soar to new heights as they compete against the best teams in the world.”
"We are very pleased to have an innovative Canadian volleyball brand to outfit the men as they compete on the international stage," said Volleyball Canada President and CEO, Mark Eckert.
Jumplete has a presence at our Youth Nationals (Calgary and Edmonton) this month, as well as the men’s uniform provider at beach nationals in Toronto and Vancouver later in the summer.
"Our partnership with Volleyball Canada is a natural fit, and we're proud to supply our trusted knee and ankle braces, and meticulously designed beach apparel to Canada's national teams. As our athletes don the Jumplete gear, they're not only representing our country but also an important part of the Jumplete family," said Evan Gagliardi.
The agreement runs through the end of 2024.
The women’s beach teams’ official swimwear provider, Left on Friday, was announced last year.

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