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4 - 21 May


2023 Youth Nationals

Winnipeg 2023

Winnipeg 2023

For 2023 Nationals news and general information, please click “2023 Nationals” found in the black bar above the countdown timer on browsers or in the dropdown menu at the top of the page on mobile.

The Volleyball Canada Youth National Championships are making their return to Winnipeg, Manitoba after a six-year absence (2016).

Winnipeg 2023 will host the 14U Nationals, one of three Canadian cities to play host to the event.  

Winnipeg_2023_Chart_-_EN.png (14 KB)

Learn more about VC’s domestic events, including the Youth Nationals, here.


Registration Information & Links


Boys opens January 24th, 2023 at 12PM (noon) local to the event

Girls opens January 24th, 2023 at 12:30PM local to the event

Registration Links

Club Portal (AB, SK, MB, NS, BC, NL)

Club Administrator use your SportLoMo admin login link to access Registration.

Rostered Coaches/Officials (Team Managers) assigned to a team roster Click Here


Non-Club Portal (ON, QC, NB, PEI and the Territories)

Click Here

Registration How-To

All team registrations for Nationals are done on SportLoMo. For assistance with registering a team, please consult the Nationals Registration Guides (updated Jan 10th, 2023).


Club Portal (AB, SK, MB, NS, BC, NL)

Club Administrator

Club Administrator Portal Registration Guide 


Rostered Coach/Official (Team Manager) *appropriate membership required 

Rostered Coach/Official (Team Manager) Login for Club Portal Registration Guide Coaches or Team Managers (parents) added to their Team's Roster on the Club Portal 

*Membership varies by PTA for adding Parents to Team Staff, please contact your PTA.


Non-Club Portal (ON, QC, NB, PEI and the Territories)

Non-Club Portal Registration Guide 


If you are unsure which registration process (Club vs Non-Club Portal) please reach out to your Provincial membership coordinator.

We encourage teams to be prepared to register at the time of registration opening as events fill quickly.

Please note that registration closes April 7th, 2023.

Reminder! Teams may only register for their declared age category during the stated age-specific registration dates. For teams interested in playing in multiple age categories or in an older age category, please see the “Teams Playing Up” section for further details.

Registration Fees

The 2023 registration fee for 14U is $1060.

Roster Information


All players and team staff participating at Nationals MUST be the same as those listed on the roster for their PTA Championship.


Important Reminder! The roster lock date for teams from New Brunswick who are attending Nationals will be April 7th, 2023 (registration closing date).

Roster Exemption 

Please complete a request form if you wish to make a change to your provincial championship roster for VC Nationals. Please note that exemptions will only be granted under exceptional circumstances. All team personnel changes must fall within the guidelines listed in the Coach Certification Policy. Player changes should fall within the following guidelines:

  • Teams must have seven (7) or fewer players remaining for their Nationals roster
  • Incoming player(s) must have played the current season with the same club
  • Incoming player(s) could not have played on a team who was declared at an older age category during the current season (16U player who played on a 17U team during the same season)

Coach/Team Staff Exemption Form
$50 for team personnel change

Athlete Exemption Form
$100 for player change

For questions regarding roster exemption please contact: Sandra de Graaff, Director, Domestic Competitions

Registered Teams

 14U Girls  01/05/23

14U Boys 03/03/23

For questions regarding the changing of team or club names please contact with the details that you would like to alter.


We are at capacity, future invites subject to team withdrawals.

Each age/gender category will open for registration with fewer spots than are available in the event. Depending on the number of teams on the waitlist, VC will invite additional teams to fill the event. Once an age/gender category is full, VC will maintain a waitlist to invite teams as additional space becomes available or if a team withdraws; waitlisted teams will be offered a spot in the tournament based on their position on the posted waitlist.

There is no cost to register onto the waitlist for an event. A team will only be charged once the invitation to join the event has been accepted.

To ensure that VC can invite teams quickly and efficiently off the waitlist, a new process will be put in place for 2023. Here are some notes on what to expect:

·        Registration will open at approximately 80% capacity for each event

·        By 3pm ET of each registration opening date, VC will directly notify all teams who are on the waitlist

·        Teams will be asked to review their Sportlomo account to ensure that they haven’t duplicated their team(s) on the waitlist by 9am the day following registration opening

·        Teams will only be invited off of the waitlist starting at 10am ET the day following registration opening


Please click the appropriate link to view the list of waitlisted teams for Nationals.(March 17, 2023).

14U Girls 

14U Boys 


Teams Playing Up (underage teams)

Any teams playing up by 1 or more divisions from their declared age category must wait until January 26th, 2023 to register for the older age group. This is to give all “of-age” teams a chance to register in their appropriate age group. Any team found in violation of this rule will be subject to removal from the tournament. If a team wishes to play up but the event fills before the play-up registration date, the team can register onto the waitlist on January 26th.

Example: a 14U girls team may register for the Halifax Nationals on January 24th. If that team wishes to also play in the 15U Nationals in Regina they must wait until January 26th to register for that event. If the 14U girls team plans to only compete in 15U Nationals, they must still wait to register until the January 26th registration.

Withdrawing a Team from Nationals

If you wish to withdraw from Nationals, please complete the Team Withdrawal Form.

Teams who wish to withdraw from Nationals will be eligible for a refund as per the following timelines:

Withdrawal.png (38 KB)

The registration closing date for the 2023 Nationals is April 7, 2023.

Accommodations & Travel


VC’s Stay to Play policy is in effect for the 2023 Nationals. This means that all participating travelling teams are required to book hotel rooms through the event’s Accommodation Management Provider (AMP), in order to be eligible to play in the tournament.

For more information on the Stay to Play policy, please review the Volleyball Canada Stay to Play Overview and our Frequently Asked Questions document.

VC is once again pleased to be working with EventConnect which is the official AMP for Winnipeg 2023.  Please refer to the chart below for the tournament accommodation opening date.

Accoms_-_WPG_Opening_Date.png (12 KB)


Nationals Accommodations Contact Information:

For questions regarding the Stay to Play Policy and Exemption Requests, please contact:


Booking Guides

Please refer to the below guides for an overview of the hotel booking process for EventConnect. VC strongly recommends teams review this prior to the booking portal opening.

EventConnect  Booking Guide

Hotel Preview & Booking Links

Hotel Preview Link:

Hotel Booking Link: The hotel booking link will be sent to the team contact 36-48 hours prior to the hotel booking window opening.

*Room Cap: Please note, to ensure all teams get access to accommodation there will be an initial cap of 12 rooms per team in Winnipeg. If additional rooms are needed, teams can put a request in during the booking process. Requests will be reviewed after all teams have had an opportunity to book.

Stay to Play – Exemption Requests

Volleyball Canada offers exemptions from the Stay to Play policy for both teams and individuals under the following categories:

1. Local Exemption:

If a team/player meets one of the criteria below, they would be eligible for a local exemption.

  • If the team is based within the specified proximity distance from the competition venue.
  • If member(s) of the team plan to stay with family or friends that reside within the specified proximity distance of the competition venue.

The proximity distance for Winnipeg 2023 is 100KM.

Note: If your Club falls within the proximity distance, and your Club Team decides to book accommodations, bookings must be made through EventConnect (EC) to help support the event. EventConnect will work with your Team to ensure your needs are met. Volleyball Canada has to report "Heads in Beds" to Host Cities to be able to secure funding to offset the facility rental costs to make this large event possible. Thank you for your support in bringing bigger and better events to Volleyball Canada members!


Pre-Approved Local Clubs – Volleyball Canada and the host PTAs have pre-approved local clubs who fall within the designated proximity distances. Any teams associated with a club on this list are automatically exempt from the Stay to Play requirement. No further action is required on their part. To view the list of clubs, please see the link below.

 2023 Pre-Approved Local Club List

 *If your club is not listed but should be based on its club address, please have a club administrator complete the S2P Local Exemption Form to have your club reviewed.


2. Special Exemption:

For exemption requests that do not fall under the above category, a Special Exemption Request must be submitted.

Please note, previous booking exemptions will not be considered. Teams who book a hotel room outside the Stay to Play policy will be required to cancel their hotel bookings and book through the designated hotel provider.


Exemption Request Process: 

To apply for an exemption from the Stay to Play policy, please complete the online S2P Exemption Request Form. Volleyball Canada will respond with the result of the request within 10 business days. Exemptions are not final until official approval is received from Volleyball Canada. 

Large Club Booking Assistance

VC is piloting a new service for 2023, to assist clubs travelling with multiple teams to the same event.

Who is eligible:

  • Any club with three (3) or more registered teams in a single event; AND,
  • Clubs looking to have all teams stay in the same hotel.

Any club meeting the above criteria will be provided with the opportunity to book their entire group into one of the designated ‘large club’ properties. The designated hotels were selected by VC, and were chosen to ensure options meeting a variety of potential team needs.

How to Book: VC will email all eligible clubs/teams directly with full booking details before the end of January. Room caps will be enforced, as per each event’s guidelines. Clubs choosing to book via this method will be required to identify one team contact, who will act on behalf of all teams when booking.

Preview Links: Clubs can view the designated ‘large club’ properties via the Hotel Preview Links for each event. 

*Note, clubs are not required to book via this method and may choose to have their teams book accommodation individually during the regular accommodation booking window. 


VC is once again happy to partner with Absolute Travel Specialists for the 2023 Nationals season. Though not required, we encourage teams to book with Absolute Travel Specialists to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • WIN: Book your team with Absolute Travel Specialists by January 29, 2023 and you will be automatically entered into a draw for a $500 credit towards your group flight booking.
  • Hold Group Space: Absolute Travel is holding group space, permitting you to mix and match flights with Air Canada and Westjet from all gateways! Absolute Travel has secured group air seats from all major gateways, which ensures the best flight times for your team and families with competitive rates.
  • Free checked bag and seat selection: Bookings include 1 FREE checked bag per person, round trip PLUS free seat selection! (Approximate value $120)
  • Group pricing: Every person travelling with your team will pay the same price.
  • Reserve with deposit only: Final payment required 75 days prior to travel date giving your team lots of time to fundraise if required. Names are not required at the time of deposit, just your estimated numbers.
  • Payment options are available.
  • Block reduction: You can reduce your group block by up to 20% without penalty.

Read past Nationals Participants' Absolute Travel testimonials!

Contact Elayne Pink - or call toll-free 1-866-322-6538 - for more information, or to book today!

Did You Know?

  • Air Canada Groups no longer provides group quotes unless you are an IATA registered agency, which Absolute Travel is.
  • Absolute Travel has experience booking team group travel and has assisted Volleyball Canada Teams for all Nationals since 2015.
  • WestJet has a long-standing group relationship with Absolute Travel.


Schedules Information

Nationals are held over three (3) days, with Day 1 being pool play, Day 2 being power pools and Day 3 being playoffs. Day 1 and 2 are separated into two waves, AM wave (7:30 am – 2:30 pm) and a PM wave (2:45 pm – 9:45 pm) while Day 3 has all teams starting in the morning. During the first 2 days, teams play all other teams within their pools. After the first day of competition is complete, teams are “re-pooled” for day 2 of the competition in order to group teams of similar calibre together. Day 3 playoffs consist of teams playing in a single-elimination playoff bracket.

Last matches of day 3 are scheduled for 4:45 PM.

Important note for Tier Based schedules! Some teams will be ‘bubble teams’, this means they may switch waves from Day 1 to Day 2.

Schedules will be available on within 1 week of competition.  Final Schedules will be available once all teams have checked in.  Please always refer to the Final Schedules posted on ISET for the most up to date information on match times/courts.

Seeding is being shared with coaches once all provincial championships have been completed for the specific age/gender category. Final seeding will be updated in ISET as soon as possible.

Practice information

Master Practice Schedule:

This document will be updated every Friday by 3:00 PM EST. Please note, specific court numbers will be posted here, closer to the tournament.

For the Master Practice Schedules, CLICK HERE.

Book a Timeslot:

Teams may sign up for a practice time prior to their tournament at no charge. Teams are permitted a 45 or 60-minute practice slot and are asked to promptly exit the court space at the end of the reserved time. Practice times will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Practice times are not guaranteed for all teams due to space and time available in each venue.

Practice time bookings will be available Thursday, March 16 at 12:00pm EST.

Click here to book 14U boys.

Click here to book 14U girls.

The first draft practice schedule will be posted Friday, March 31 and will be updated every Friday by 3:00 PM EST time.

Teams may sign up for a practice time prior to their tournament at no charge. Teams are permitted a 45-60-minute practice slot and are asked to promptly exit the court space at the end of the reserved time. Practice times will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Practice times are not guaranteed for all teams due to space and time available in each venue.

For information and questions regarding practice time bookings, please contact:

Practice Time Booking How To Guide



RBC Convention Centre

When the RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg (formerly Winnipeg Convention Centre) opened its doors in 1975, it was the first “purpose built” convention centre of its kind in Canada. The facility was designed to be a catalyst in the rebuilding and revitalizing of Winnipeg’s aging downtown. With upgrades, renovations and a recent $180+ million expansion, we continue to be Winnipeg’s premier event facility for a variety of events from international, national and regional conventions; business meetings from 9 to 9,000 participants; consumer and industry trade shows; entertainment events; gala receptions and dinners; membership luncheons; sporting events and concerts. 

Located in the centre of the city’s bustling downtown, our three-story, multi-purpose facility has access to more than 2,300 downtown hotel rooms and is within walking distance to many of the city’s best restaurants and new attractions.


375 York Ave. Winnipeg, MB R3C 3J3


The RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg currently has two levels of climate controlled underground parking in the north building and one level in the south building to accommodate up to 729 vehicles.

Parking Map, Fees, and Info

Getting to the Venue

The RBC Convention Centre is close to numerous MTS Centre Bus stops and the Graham Avenue Transit Corridor.

Plan your trip

Food services

*Please be advised that no outdoor food or beverages are permitted in the facility.

The RBC Convention Centre is located in downtown Winnipeg and is walking distance to a number of restaurants and food services

Additional restaurants near RBC Convention Centre

Additional fast food and dine in services

Dakota Community Centre

14U Boys Nationals host venue Dakota Community Centre


1188 Dakota St, Winnipeg, MB R2N 3H4



Parking Information


Food Services

Food Services Information

Event Passes

Event Pass Information

Pre-sale Tournament passes will be available for purchase on Thursday, February 16th at 12 pm (noon) EST. Tournament passes will increase to full price on Thursday, April 20nd at 12 pm (noon) EST.

Online Tournament pass sales will be deactivated on Monday, May 8th, 2023, at 12 pm (noon) EST

NOTE: All event pass options will be available for purchase on-site.

Please note that athletes and team staff are not required to purchase an event pass as accreditation will be provided at Coach Check-in. 

For information and questions regarding event passes, please contact or 613-748-5681.

Volleyball Canada is not responsible for any lost or stolen passes.

Will Call

Pre-purchased event passes will be available for pick up at Will Call.  Make sure to have a piece of photo I.D. as well as proof of payment with you when picking up your pass.

Further information regarding ticketing hours and locations per event will be available in the spring.

If you are picking up a pass under another name, please have the printed confirmation of their purchase to receive these passes.

Event Pass Prices

Winnipg_en.PNG (29 KB)

NOTE: An event pass will grant access to both Winnipeg events. You are not required to purchase two separate passes if you are planning on attending both events.

Click here to purchase your pass!



Select games of the 2023 Nationals will be live-streamed on Volleyball Canada’s YouTube page. Make sure to follow the account and check in on this page before the event kicks off where the links will be posted once available.

Winnipeg – SportsCanada.TV
Dakota: Court 45, 46
RBC: Court 30, 31
*Courts subject to change without notice

Results & Awards

Results Information

Nationals will be using ISET Sports for reporting all results. Match scores will be updated upon completion of the match and made available to the public via the ISET website.

More details to come.

Awards Information

All Nationals will distribute the following awards:

  • Medals
    • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place medals (Championship Tier and each Division’s Championship tier)
    • 1st and 2nd place medals (all other tiers)
  • Player of the Wave (Currently under review)
  • Fair Play Award

All National Champions will be presented with the following:

  • Medals
  • Trophy
  • Banner
  • Hats
  • Sponsor prizing (if available)

Awards Ceremony – Championship Tier:

Teams in the Championship Tier (formally known as Div 1, Tier 1) will be presented their medals, prizes, and any additional awards associated with the Championship Tier during the awards ceremony. Award ceremonies will be held on the last day of competition following the completion of their final match or shortly thereafter. Teams will be provided with further details regarding awards ceremonies closer to the event date.

All other medalist teams will collect their medals at a designated pick-up area. No formal ceremony will be held for medalists outside of the Championship Tier.

Player of the Wave (POW):

This award is currently under review.

Fair Play Award:

The Fair Play Award will be awarded to one (1) male and one (1) female 14U team participating at youth indoor nationals who have embodied the spirit of Volleyball Canada’s Fair Play Rule and have displayed support and consideration for their teammates as well as other participants. Fair Play awards will be presented to the winners on-court, on the third day of competition.


Coach Requirements

All coaches participating in Volleyball Canada’s National Championships are required to meet a minimum level of training and certification to ensure that every athlete is provided with a safe, inclusive, and responsible sport experience.

Guiding Principles

All athletes have the right to an NCCP Certified coach.

All coaches have the responsibility to:

  • Have the required training to provide an environment that is physically, mentally, emotionally and socially safe for all athletes and participants.
  • Have the required training to be able to provide a responsible learning environment that incorporates VC’s teaching methodologies, technical guidelines and long-term athlete development principles.
  • Ensure that all training is current and updated as required, to be able to provide a safe and responsible sport experience for all.

A full breakdown of the Coach Eligibility Requirements, including deadlines, can be found here.

If you have questions regarding the Coach Eligibility Requirements for Nationals, please contact your respective Provincial/Territorial Association or email

Coach Check-In

Check-in Time

Winnipeg: May 11 (3:00 PM- 8:00 PM) 


Late Check-In

If coaches will not be able to make the listed coach check-in time they may request late check-in. Late check-in requests will be charged $50.

Late check-in form



Tourism_Winnipeg_Logo_.jpg (189 KB)

Find out why Vogue calls Winnipeg, “an absolute must-visit destination,” while National Geographic has listed The Peg as “one of the best trips on earth.”

Experience the joy of polar bears swimming overhead at the Journey to Churchill. Take an interactive journey through humanity’s struggles and triumphs at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, one of the world’s newest architectural marvels. Discover the charming Exchange District with its handsome architecture, hip restaurants, and fashionable shops.

The Forks has a unique licensed public market that foodies will fawn over, while its rivers are serviced by scenic boat trips (summer) and the world’s coolest skating trail (winter). Performances from Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet, the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra and Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre are sure to enthrall.

Sports fans will relish the atmosphere inside our stadiums and arenas which are home to the NHL Jets, the 2019 and 2021 Grey Cup champion CFL Blue Bombers, the Winnipeg Goldeyes Baseball Club and the brand-new Valour FC.

On the horizon we have the Winnipeg Art Gallery’s $65-million Inuit Art Centre – which will house the world’s largest collection of contemporary Inuit art, and Canada’s Diversity Garden – a massive $75 million horticultural attraction that celebrates humanity’s history with plants.

Join our Event Crew!

Get Involved

Do you want to be a part of the action? VC is looking for Event Crew applicants for Nationals! The Event Crew is a crucial part of VC’s tournaments, assisting in venue set up/tear down, results, activations, ceremonies, and so much more!

If you’re interested in being part of this exciting event or would like to see the available positions, please see our Recruitment Form.


Sport Community Opportunities

Volleyball Canada (VC) is seeking event staff for various positions at upcoming National Championships. If you are a member of a volleyball club, an interested parent, or just someone looking to get involved in the community, we want to hear from you!  Events are primarily held throughout the month of May with opportunities across the country.

Roles include:

  • Competition Director
  • Court Director
  • Results Manager
  • Event Crew Manager
  • Awards Manager
  • Check-In Manager
  • Court Set-Up/Tear Down

Staff will be compensated with a daily honorarium (starting at $175/day, increase with experience), per diem, travel & accommodations (as needed), pre-event & on-site training, and of course, the opportunity to be a part of VC Nationals, Canada’s largest amateur sporting event!

These opportunities are available on a recurring, annual basis and may extend to international and beach events.  Previous experience in volleyball is an asset but is not a requirement. If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity please contact General information regarding 2023 Youth Nationals can be found on our website.  Opportunities are available for 2023!