Tokyo 2020 Viewer’s Guide

Follow along with our National Teams as they compete at the 2020 Olympics & Paralympics in Tokyo! Click for info on our men's indoor, women's sitting & beach teams.

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With training and events suspended, our coaches “dive in” and analyze video HERE


The National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) is an essential aspect for becoming the best coach you can possibly be. Whether you are coaching a community team or coaching a national team, an NCCP workshop will be beneficial for you. 

Check out the Requirements section to see which coach education pieces are required for Provincial or National Club Championships.

Check out the Pathways section to see all the steps needed to become fully certified in your coaching context.

Any NCCP course is delivered by four (4) different partners:

  • Volleyball Canada
  • Provincial/Territorial Volleyball Associations
  • Coaching Association of Canada
  • Provincial/Territorial Coaching Organizations

The role of each partner is described in the Pathways section. 

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Introduction to the NCCP