Professional Development

Professional Development

The Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) tracks all coaches' maintenance of certification through professional development points. The CAC gives credit for many of the things coaches already do. See below to find out how many points are required and what activities qualify for points.

Policy and procedure

On January 1st, 2014, Volleyball Canada complied with the Coaches Association of Canada’s (CAC) NCCP Professional Development policy.  

Coaches who are "Certified" within any context now receive credit within the Locker database for approved professional development experiences.  

In order to maintain certification, certified Development Coaches & Advanced Development Coaches will need to accrue 20 points over a period of 5 years. Performance Coaches will need to accrue 30 points over a 5 year period.

Please review the CAC's FAQ for all the details.

For a summary of how professional development points will be allotted, please see below.

  Activity Category Points Limitations
Volleyball specific Active coaching - 1 point/year for every season coached
- 1 point/year for learning facilitator or evaluator activity
To a maximum of 5 points within 5 years
NCCP activity 5 points/module No maximum or minimum
Non-NCCP activity 3 points for ~3 hours activity Maximum of 3 hours for 1 multiple day clinic/symposium
Re-evaluation in context 100% of the points required for PD credit in the context No other PD is required if coach chooses re-evaluation
Multi-sport NCCP activity 5 points/module No maximum or minimum

To self-declare your Active Coaching and receive 1 PD point per year, please click here.

Non-NCCP activities

For Non-NCCP activities, and coach self-directed activities, coaches must get approval from Volleyball Canada (PTA’s may be given authority to approve) to confirm that credit can be claimed.  Procedures for PTA submission of PD points is described in the "Submission of Partner Delivered Non-NCCP PD FAQ" document. Contact Volleyball Canada for a copy of this document.