Professional Development

Professional Development

The NCCP Maintenance of Certification and Professional Development policy requires all NCCP Certified coaches to maintain their Active status through professional development and continued learning opportunities over a predetermined period of time. This policy encourages the lifelong learning and continued education necessary for coaches to stay informed of the current best practices in coaching.


Coaches who are Certified within any volleyball context are required to maintain their Active designation through professional developing and life-long learning.  Certified coaches will receive credit within the NCCP Locker database for completion of approved, professional development experiences.  In order to maintain their Certified status, Development Coaches & Advanced Development Coaches need to accrue 20 points over a period of 5 years. Certified Performance Coaches need to accrue 30 points over a 5-year period.

Allocation of PD Points

Volleyball Canada recognizes the opportunities outlined below as Professional Development for coaches and will allocate the indicated number of PD Points.

 2021_01_VC_Recognized_PD_Opportunities_ENG.jpg (310 KB)

Inactive Status Designation

 If the required number of PD Points has not been achieved and/or not recorded in your NCCP Locker account within the 5 years of achieving or renewing your Certified status, then your NCCP Locker transcript will indicate that your Certifiedstatus has not been renewed.  This will result in an Inactive designation.  If this is the case, Volleyball Canada recommends taking the following steps:
1.  Identify how many points you are missing to obtain the required number of PD Points and explore opportunities to make up the difference. Sometimes it may be as simple as participating in an online webinar to help get the points required to regain an Active designation.  Contact your local Provincial Territorial Association (PTA) or check out the Volleyball Canada Coaching Centre (VCCC) for upcoming webinars.
2.  Ensure that all the NCCP courses and workshops have been credited in your NCCP Locker account. Should a course or workshop not be credited, contact the organization that hosted the NCCP event.  
3.  Ensure that all non-NCCP events have been credited in your NCCP Locker account. These can be a wide range of events including symposiums, conferences or non-sport specific training courses (e.g., First Aid and Safety courses). Although many PD points will be automatically given to participating coaches, it is worthwhile to double check and follow-up as needed.
4.  Ensure that you have received credit for every year that you have been actively coaching. Active Coaching credits need to be manually entered in the NCCP Locker, through the Self-Report tab. See Volleyball Canada’s Certification Maintenance Guide for how to Self-Report.  
5.  If you have completed the steps above and are still short of the required number of PD Points, then you will need to register for another NCCP Volleyball Evaluation within the appropriate coaching context. This process can be completed through your PTA for Development and Advanced Development and through Volleyball Canada for Performance Coach and above. Upon completion of a successful evaluation, you will receive Active designation again and the 5-year window to obtain the required number of PD Points will reset.
Important Note: Any coach who is unable to renew their Certified status and maintain the Active designation may be deemed ineligible for future Volleyball Canada events as outlined in Volleyball Canada’s Coach Eligibility Requirements.

Sample Professional Development Plan

The following is a sample Professional Development plan for a Certified Development Coach (20 PD Points required over 5-years):
Actively coached for the past 5 years = 5 pts (1pt/year)

Attended two 1-hour webinars offered through VC or a PTA = 2 pts (1pt/hour)

Completed the Safe Sport Training (offered free by CAC) = 2 pts

Attended the VC Coaching Symposium or a PTA led Coaching Symposium = 3 pts

Completed Respect in Sport Activity Leader eLearning = 3 pts

Completed NCCP multi-sport eLearning (eg. Coaching Athletes with a Disability) = 5 pts