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1- Where can I find my CC #?

First go to On the right hand side of the website, it will reach "My Locker", hover over that tab, then press the Profile button. This will then bring you to the log-in screen. From here you can press the "lookup my NCCP#" button. You will then follow the steps on the screen to retrieve your Coach Certification #.

New system

1- What are the new terms that identify certification levels?

NCCP Term OLD Volleyball Term NEW Volleyball Term
Community Sport-Initiation NA Elementary Volleyball Leader
Competition-Introduction Level 1 Development Coach
Competition-Introduction Level 2 Advanced Development Coach
Competition-Development Level 3 Performance Coach
Competition-Development Advanced Level 4 Advanced Performance Coach
Competition-Development High Performance Level 5 High Performance Coach

2- How do my old NCCP modules transfer over into the new system?

Take a look at our Transfer Guide. It outlines how each of the old courses transfers into the new system. The guide will also outline your next steps in getting certified in the new system.

3- What are the major differences between the old coach education pathway and the new one?

Below are some key pieces:

  • Registration for all in-person workshops across Canada will take place through the website. 
  • E-learning modules are required prior to Workshop registration for the Development Coach, Advanced Development Coach and Performance Coach contexts.
  • E-learning modules will take around 1 week to complete if done in the evenings after a working day (5-8 hours).
  • Cost of the e-learning modules is a one time fee of $89 for all e-modules, which includes Development and Advanced Development material.
  • The e-learning modules eliminate the need and cost of taking the in-person Multi Sport Module “Teaching and Learning” (part of the Advanced Development pathway)
  • E-learning modules will eliminate the need for purchasing a paper Manual.  Coaches will have continual access to the e-modules once purchased.  
  • Select pieces of written Reference Material (skill descriptions and skills matrices) will be available for print on the VC website at any time. Additional reference material will also be added to the Coach Workbook which is provided when coaches take the in-person workshop.
  • Considering all factors, the cost of NCCP education will remain around the same or less. The e-modules will also provide less time required in an in-person workshop (Multi-Sport) and free up more time during the volleyball workshop to practice the actual skills of coaching.
  • Some content of the e-modules and workshops are similar to past practices, however there are some critical enhancements to the science and art of coaching that are reflected in the new material. Coaches can expect an emphasis on how to best train their athletes based on their stage of skill development.


1- What courses do I need to have to be able to coach?

The Requirements page shows what standard of certification is required for National Championships. There may be different requirements for Provincial/Territiorial events, contact your PTA representative to find out. The NCCP Pathway shows all the requirements for certification of each context. Visit the individual pages of Development Coach, Advanced Development Coach and Performance Coach to see the steps required.

2- If I’m an assistant coach do I need to get certified?

Assistant coaches are encouraged to continually work toward certification, however their certification will not be monitored at 2016-17 National Championships. Contact your Provincial/Territorial Association for local requirements.

3- I’ve noticed my NCCP transcript is missing a course or component, how can I get this corrected?

Please email your Provincial Coaching Representative or and describe what is missing. In order for Provincial Associations to track what is missing they will need as much information as possible, such as:

  • Location and approximate date of the course
  • The names of anyone who participated in the course (facilitator or coach)
  • Any materials (manuals, workbooks, etc.) that you received from the course

4- When does the Level 1 course expire?

The old Level 1 term has been revised to “Development Coach”, but no changes have been made to the actual course. The Development Coach course has no expiry date set, but will undergo some modifications in the future.

5- When does the Level 2 course expire?

The Level 2 course has expired and is no longer being offered. Coaches who have taken old Level 2 Technical or Theory courses in the past may be granted credit for some components in the new system. The details of what will receive credit in the new system will be described once the Transfer has taken place in the Locker database.

6- When does the Level 3 course expire?

Coaches who have taken the Level 3 Technical are permitted to complete the old certification process by submitting their portfolio and completing their evaluation before August 31, 2017. The old evaluation package can be downloaded in the pathways section. All other coaches are required to begin the new Performance Coach certification pathway.

7- What course should I take if I want to coach high school, elementary school, etc.?

Based on our LTAD model we have broken the NCCP Clinics down into three different streams: community stream, development stream, and performance stream. 

Each of these streams focuses on different levels of competition in the sport.


Each clinic is targeted for specific age ranges:

Community Stream

  • Elementary Volleyball Leader - Fundamentals and Learn to Train (6-12) (available soon)


Development Stream

  • Development Coach - Train to Train (13-16)
  • Advanced Development Coach - Learn to Compete (17-18)


Performance Stream

  • Performance Coach - Train to Compete (19-22)
  • Advanced Performance Coach - Learn to Win (19+)
  • High Performance Coach - Train to Win


*Please note that these age targets are just guidelines, and coaches can take further certification than is recommended. 

8- Who is qualified to evaluate me?

Until April 1, 2019, Coaches who have taken the old Level 1 Technical/Development Coach workshop may be evaluated by any coach who is Level 2 certified or Advanced Development Coach certified. Any coaches who have taken the new Development Coach workshop (beginning on Sept 1, 2018) must be evaluated by a "Trained" or "Certified" Coach Evaluator.

Advanced Development Coach candidates must be evaluated by a "Trained" Evaluator. The Coaching Centre will automatically initiate the process to designate an Evaluator or contact your Provincial/Territorial Volleyball Association to find a qualified Evaluator. 

Performance Coach candidates can initiate the evaluation process through the VC Coaching Centre, or by contacting Volleyball Canada to find a qualified Evaluator (


1- Is there a cost for evaluation?

For coaches who have completed the old Level 1 Technical, or a Development Coach workshop prior to Sept 1, 2018, there is typically no charge. However, Evaluators may require cost recovery or a small honoraria. For those coaches who have taken or will take the new Development Coach workshop (after Sept 1, 2018), evaluation costs will be $120 per coach.

For the Advanced Development Coach context, there is a charge of $120 initiated within the VC Coaching Centre for the marking of the portfolio and in-person evaluation. 


1- When are the next NCCP Clinics being held in my area?

Once you are logged into the platform, look at the Workshops Tab, all of the upcoming clinics in your province are listed.

2- When are the upcoming clinics or conferences for coaches?

Contact your local P/TSO, for more information about local clinics and conferences, or visit the Workshops Tab once logged into the system.

Professional Development

1- How do PD points work?

Take a look at our Professional Development page. Here it will break down what activities provide PD points, the number of points you need for each context and how to acquire these points.

2- How many points do I need to keep my certification?

Development Coach: 20 points

Advanced Development Coach: 20 points

Performance Coach: 30 points

Take a look at our Professional Development page for further details.